Fylde 12 String Guitar John Smith

April 6, 2013 in News

You all know the classic John Smith sound, and how lovely that is! Here’s another look at one of John’s guitars. This is again a Fylde guitar that wonderful company based in the lovely Penrith, Cumbria.

 Fylde Guitar Logo

Here is what Fylde guitar said about the 12 strings acoustic;

“John ‘s a good friend, and wanted a 12 string with a difference. He particularly wanted cocobolo, and since I haven’t made many guitars with that timber it gave we several opportunities to have some fun. Part of the deal was that he would need a cutaway, not usually needed on a 12 string, and he wanted my name on it”.

If you inserted in John’s other guitars take a look at the article on his ‘eight string, fan fret, baritone, resonator acoustic guitar’!