John Smith – Band on the Wall Manchester – 19-03-2013

March 20, 2013 in News

It’s official the John Smith Tour of 2013 is underway! The first night in Manchester’s ‘Band on the Wall’ went down a storm and hopefully a great foundation for a wonderful tour to come.

The evening began with the support act Stefan Melbourne.

Stefan is a singer-songwriter from Holmfirth, now resident in Manchester and has just self-released his debut EP ‘Before the Sun Sets’.

Have a quick listen below:

Recent reviews of this E.P have been nothing but praise;

It’s beautiful, melodic and it plays like an act of catharsis, each chapter of the story unrolling in your ears with every new track. Stefan Melbourne has a lot of talent and he has unreservedly poured it into this album.

Great songs like ‘A place to Hide’, ‘One Last Time’ and ‘How Long is Always really showed of this very talented young man and made him the perfect act to support John Smith.


Time for John!

Around 21:30 the main man took to the stage! Accompanied by the extremely gifted musician John Thorn (interviewed here).

Together they set the room alight, well in an acoustic/double-bass, folk genre kind of way. But this is as good a way as any. We were treated to a whole range of tracks from the new album ‘Great Lakes’ and others from his wonderful back catalogue.

New tracks like ‘England Rolls Away’, ‘Great Lakes’ and ‘Lungs’ were all received very well, but this is for a simple reason….he’s a great song writer. We were even given the treat of seeing John’s new guitar. The new eight stringed, acoustic resonator. As guitars go, she’s a looker!

As the evening progressed and the crowd had forgotten that this was a Tuesday night with work in the morning; the more boisterous individuals offered a few joking comments. For example a well timed “That will do it!” (draped in a thick Manchester accent) was shouted at the end of one of the tracks. John met this with humor and seemed to open more to the crowd as the evening went on. Soon finding his front-man feet. Good because he’ll need it for the tour ahead.



Nothing but greatness from this well seasoned, greatly toured musician. But of course it went well, it’s John Smith!