Salty and Sweet Video

April 4, 2013 in News

John Smith has released this brand spanking new video for the song ‘Salty and Sweet’, from his equally new album ‘Great Lakes’. Buy it here. This lovely frigid day at the seaside seems the perfect story of a girl who is looking to escape her hometown. A wonderful ditty that makes use of standard tuning (EADGBE). Well we all know John likes to mess with convention when it comes to guitar tuning, but it seems here it was not needed. Hope you enjoy!


Salty and Sweet

I’m a fishing girl, just a lonely girl
The Town in which I live is breaking water
I told my Mother, my violent brother
All they give to me is reason to leave

Imagine my surprise, a pair of ancient eyes
Set into a face as old as land
He stands in front of, he came out of the sea
He says it hurts his skin to touch the sand

He crawls back into the sea, the air is salty and sweet
A backward glance by way of invitation
I’m in now up to my knees, the air is salty and sweet
I’ll leave my dress by way of explanation

My man don’t care for clothes, the things he does not own
They never trouble him, never give him grief
‘Cause he’s as soft as silk, as pure as baby milk
And harder than earth that he scorns