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If your looking at this page hopefully it means you like the site,  design and layout. If so…..nice..and thank you very much.

John Smith Fans was designed, created and lovingly looked after by Stuart Pennington. Contact me here.
I’m Stu, freelance web-designer, teacher, composer and all round music lover. I have always had a lifelong passion for all aspects of music performance, creation and production, with enthusiasm to share my knowledge with others. I have played guitar for over ten years, and in this time been in every type of band know to man, heavy-rock, irish folk, bluegrass, classic rock’n’roll and more.

Please have a look at some of my other web projects that I have worked on.

TMEThe Music Espionage – Blogging site relating to music creation, recording and production.



GuitarStewGuitar Stew – Teaching site for my home guitar tutoring.



John Smith Fan smallJohn Smith Fans – For all lovers of John Smith’s music.



If you would like a website creating then drop me an e-mail here to get a quote.




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